Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Natural Pain Relief For Ear Aches In Dogs Get Immediate Relief

When the dogs ears are aching, they whine and cry and it's heartbreaking for any pet owner. You want them to have immediate pain relief for ear aches but sometimes it's just not possible to get them into a local veterinarians office for treatment of ear problems they're experiencing. For whatever reason, if you find your dogs ears are hurting and you want to do something right away, here's a trick that can help to make the ears less painful temporarily. It should be said again that this method will relieve pain temporarily, it's not a cure for ear infections or ear maladies, just something you can do to relieve dogs ears when they're aching until you get do something to remedy the problem.

Take a whole onion, yellow or white, leave the skin on and cut it in half. Now take one half of the onion and warm it up. You can put it in the microwave for about one minute and that should be enough. You want the onion to get a little soft and for the juices to start coming to the surface. If you don't have a microwave you can warm the onion in a pan on the stove, don't add water or oil, just put the onion in the pan and warm it til the juices start to bubble up on the top. Now that the onion is nice and juicy, place a paper towel or clean thin washcloth over the top of the cut side of the onion. Make sure it's not too hot but you do want it quite warm. Get your dog to lay down and then sit beside the dog and hold the onion over the ear that is aching. Keep the cut side toward the ear opening, folding ear flaps back for floppy eared dogs and hold the onion in place for several minutes and repeat this every few hours as needed to render immediate pain relief for an ear ache in dogs ears.

Onions have a drawing power to them and the warmed onion will draw the pain from the dogs ears. They are well known for relieving even a most severe earache within minutes and this holistic approach to relief of ear ache pain has been used for hundreds of years. It's an earache remedy that most people are likely to have right in their kitchens and can help relieve ear aches naturally.

Now that you have temporary relief for the dogs ears you should get a regular dog ear treatment to follow up with. Using natural ear treatment can do wonders and keeps the dogs ears safe from harmful chemicals and pesticides. Try something like Dr Dogs Ear Oil to keep ear problems from flaring up, it's fast, safe and effective relief for sore ears. Many dogs suffer from recurring ear problems, this natural ear ache remedy will help soothe the ears and keep them free of painful sore ears.


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