Monday, January 30, 2012

Dog Ear Infections Treatment and Treating Ear Pain in Dogs

Dogs ears are very sensitive and unfortunately, some dog ear infections just don't seem to stay away. They are the recurring or chronic ear infections in dogs that make the dog and the owner suffer miserably.

Dog ear infections treatment is always needed because ear problems only get worse if left untreated. In fact, if you don't do something to help with dog ear infections they can lead to serious problems like broken blood vessels (hematoma) which can need expensive surgery and your dog can lose it's ability to hear. While suffering from dog ear infection it is often the case that your dog can't hear. This type of hearing loss is usually temporary and once treatment for the dogs infected ears has been completed the hearing will normally return. In some cases where the dogs ears have suffered recurring ear infections for many years or where dogs ears have been left untreated the dog could lose it's ability to hear and it will be deaf for life.

Infections in dogs ears should always be treated and treating ear pain in dogs ears is imperative. If you have ever suffered from ear ache pain you'll know how excruciating the pain can be. Watching your dog suffer with an ear ache is heartbreaking for most dog owners. The dog will cry in pain, whine, whimper and they will be pawing or scratching at the infected ears, shaking their heads or rubbing the ears against things. These are very good indications that the dogs ears are suffering and treatment for the dog ear infection as well as treating ear pain is in order.

Home remedies or holistic cures for ear infections in dogs can be used or visit your local veterinarian. If the dogs ear infection is severe then your only choice may be to visit your vet as natural antibiotics and natural treatment for ear infections in dogs works best when the infection is mild and just getting started. If you've left the dogs ears unattended for awhile you might find the dog ear problems to require veterinary assistance. Usually attentive dog owners notice the signs and symptoms of dog ear infections right away. The visible signs of pawing, itching, whining and crying from ear ache and pain is something hard to miss. Additionally, the dogs ears usually have some kind of discharge from the ears, oozing, gooey, icky and sticky substance coming from them and there can be a very foul odor. If the dogs ears are smelly and stinky, it's time for treatment.

Dog ear infections : While the ears sometimes have a black tarry discharge, these are not dirty ears. Dirty ears can be cleaned with over the counter dog ear cleaner but an ear infection will need real medicine. Whether you choose to use natural dog ear treatment or prescription antibiotics is a personal preference so long as you do start treating ear pain in dogs ears right away and get the dog ear infections treatment effective to rid the dogs ears of symptoms. You don't want your dog to suffer so when you see the signs then take action. Dirty ears don't cause the dog to whine and cry. If they are crying in pain, they have an infection and need help so don't delay, get it right away. When your dogs ears are aching it's time to get dog ear drops and start treatment.

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