Saturday, January 28, 2012

How To Treat Ear Infections in Dogs with Home Remedies or Veterinary Medicines

 When dogs ears are sore and red, tender to the touch, possibly swollen and inflamed, you need effective treatment to soothe and relieve ear ache pain. Dog health can be affected, the dog won't feel good and might not eat when dogs ears are infected. Just as in people, when dogs ears ache, it can hurt to eat and they may whine or cry because of painful ear symptoms.

Treat ear infections in dogs as soon as you notice the symptoms. The symptoms of infected ears in dogs are usually easy to see and you should keep a watchful eye so if dogs ears get an infection you can treat it right away. Relieving the pain and getting rid of ear infections in dogs doesn't have to be expensive but let's be clear, you HAVE to give it proper treatment because it won't go away without it and things will only get worse.

Veterinary treatments are a sure answer to dog ear problems. Prescription antibiotics can be prescribed by your veterinarian as well as ear drops to help heal the infection. Natural remedies can help with mild infections and may be effective in controlling recurring or chronic ear infections in dogs (and other animals too).

Some home remedies for treating ear infections in dogs can be made yourself. There are effective over the counter ear medicines too that are available without a prescription from the veterinarian. If the ear infection is very severe you might need services from your veterinarian but if you catch the problem early enough there is a good chance that over the counter or OTC treatments will help cure the dogs ears of the infection.

Dogs suffering from common ear yeast infections can benefit from apple cider vinegar and natural yogurt. Adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to the dogs water or adding a tablespoon of natural unflavored yogurt will help to control the yeast overpopulation in the dog which can help to control ear yeast infections from flaring up. Using soothing ear drops will be needed in cases where the dogs ears are red, swollen, tender to the touch or with a discharge from the ears. Oozing sticky substance from the ears means an infection of some kind, these can't be treated with ear cleaners, it's not dirty ears so dog ear cleaners aren't going to get rid of this problem. For dog ear infection, antibiotics are usually needed, in mild cases you can use natural antibiotic ear drops such as Dr Dogs Ear Oil or visit your vet for prescription ear drops. Don't delay when the dogs ears are sore, they won't feel well and it's important to keep your dog in good health so take action as soon as you notice ear problems. Itching ears, scratching at the ears, excessive paw licking, whining, crying in pain, discharge from the ears, sticky substance in the ears, black debris that looks like coffee grounds in the ears are all signs that it's time to get a dog ear treatment started.

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