Sunday, February 12, 2012

Care For Dogs Ear Problems - Fluid Ear or Crackling Sounds and Ear Aches

 When it comes to dog ear problems, there are quite a few different ones that can affect your dogs ears.
Dog ear problems are usually painful to the dog and it's generally easy to see when your dog is suffering.
When the dogs ears are making crackling sounds it is a sign of possible ear infection and often there is a discharge from the ears too and the ears may be swollen, red and tender to the touch. Ear aches are common in dogs with ear infections and treatment is always needed because dog ear problems won't go away without your help. The crackling sounds coming from dogs ears are not good and they are most annoying to the dog. Imagine your own ear crackling, it is a miserable situation and one that requires your immediate attention.

Dogs also suffer from fluid ear, you might hear fluid sloshing around in the dogs ears. It sounds like water in the dogs ears and again, it can be accompanied by discharge from the ears, swollen, red and tender to the touch. The dogs ears get red and are hot, these are signs of ear infections which can be common ear yeast infection, bacterial infection or infection from infestation of dog ear mites. Whatever the cause, the symptoms are miserable and dog ear treatment is essential.

Care for dogs ear problems in those suffering fluid ear or crackling sounds requires dog ear treatment to alleviate the symptoms, relieve the pain and cure the underlying problems. A visit to your local veterinarian's office or holistic treatment of effective ear medicine will be needed. Dog ear cleaners are not the answer, these are not dirty ears, they are infected and infection requires antibiotics whether prescription or natural remedy.  Some alternative medicines will work while others are ineffective. Additionally, some dogs suffer chronic ear problems and you might be tired of recurring visits to the veterinary office in which case a natural home treatment to maintain and prevent dog ear problems may be your preferred care.

If your dogs ears are suffering from fluid ear or crackling sounds coming from the ear, discharge from the ear, tender to the touch, swollen, red, hot, itchy or other symptoms, don't hesitate to get help for them. Ear aches in dogs are as painful as they are to humans. They may cry and whine, paw at their ears, rub the ears against things or they may lick their paws excessively when suffering ear ache pain. Other dogs in the home might lick the affected ears in their own way of helping distressed pack members. DO get a dog ear treatment started and heal the sore ears as soon as possible. Leaving ear problems in dogs unattended can lead to bigger problems.  Veins can break in the ear causing hematoma and require surgery which will be quite expensive and require veterinarian care and lengthy time to heal. Ear infections in dogs can also lead to hearing loss in dogs. While the dog suffers ear ache and ear infection sometimes they can't hear but in most cases once the treatment has finished the dogs hearing will return. If you leave the dogs ears without care there is a good chance the dogs hearing can be permanently lost and the ear infection will damage the delicate inner ear.

No one wants their canine friend to suffer in pain and most of us agonize when dogs ears are aching. It is easy to give effective treatment, see your vet or get an effective over the counter remedy and don't delay. Sometimes regular ear treatment is needed to keep recurring ear infections away, if your dog suffers chronic ear infections you might consider natural ear treatment. Sometimes chemicals aren't the best if the dog has ear infections that just keep coming back, in that case, try a natural remedy to control and prevent them like Dr Dogs Ear Oil. Soothing relief for sore ears is what you'll need if your dogs ears are infected.

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